About this version ...
  Version 0.7.2a - 2006/04/11  
  • FIX: If you change the language, and close the application, the language selected, is not saved.
  • FIX: If the option "move unknown files" is activated, the unknown archive are not moved.
  Version 0.7.2 - 2006/04/10  
This version need to be installed in a new folder, don't forget to copy images folder to not download them again.
  • NEW: 7z support for compression mode based on 7z4.32
  • NEW: Now we can import files in archive 7z, BZip2, Gz, GZip, Rar, Zip, ... any archive supported by 7z library using CRC
  • NEW: Support of any archive suported by 7z library using CRC, in the rom folder.
  • NEW: The data file can be in every type of archive suported by 7z library.
  • NEW: During the importation, all files interesting in a single archive are now imported.
  • NEW: New option for delete or keep the source file after importation.
  • NEW: New option for autorize one or more instance of OfflineList in the same time.
  • NEW: New menu show/hide incorrect archive type (a new color is used)
  • NEW: New option in the menu for clean archive (delete other files than ones described in the data file).
  • NEW: SDK updated to version 0.7
  • NEW: When you do a Drag&Drop push shift button for delete or not the source files.
  • NEW: Extractor plugin remenber the last folder used.
  • CHANGE: Extractor and Selector plugin and Trimmer module are now in SDK version 0.7
  • CHANGE: Only plugins/module in SDK version 0.7 are compatible.
  • CHANGE: some shortcut has change:
    • F4: Show/hide bad archive type
    • F6: Reverse list
    • F7: Show/hide duplicatas
    • F9: Fix archive type
    • F12: Import files
  • FIX: Little bug when the configuration folder are bad.

Big thanks to Teka, who help me to create the 7zOL library
  Version 0.7.1c - 2005/12/11  
  • FIX: A little bug in the duplicate filter was found, and it's now corrected.
  Version 0.7.1b - 2005/12/10  
  • FIX: The new version of PNG libraries seems buggy so I come back with the older version.
  Version 0.7.1a - 2005/12/06  
  • FIX: a silly bug when you select a new data file.
  Version 0.7.1 - 2005/12/03  
  • NEW: New filter: "Duplicate filter", this ignore duplicated rom from the data file. For one game there are several version (jap, us, eur, ...) with this filter OL will keep only the game corresponding to your favorite location by hiding or removing the otherones. For duplicates items, the tag need to be added in the data file.
    Where XX represent an integer, all items with the same duplicateID are duplicates. Put 0 if the game doesn't have duplicate.
  • NEW: With the menu, the duplicates items can be hidden.
  • NEW: The duplicates items of the selected item can be showed with a tooltip on the item title.
  • NEW: New value in data file for place the images, in replacement of and . Now the people who make data file can choose the position and size of the images. Exemple:
    <images width="487" height="162">
    <image x="0" y="0" width="240" height="160"/>
    <image x="245" y="0" width="240" height="160"/>
  • NEW: you can now configure completely the size field: you can choose enter bits and bytes, and the size can be adjusted automatically or you can force the use of Kilo, Mega, or Giga.
  • FIX: In the language search, now the korean filter function correctly.
  • MISC: Update window are now bigger.
  • UPDATE: png library updated.
  • UPDATE: zip library updated, this correct a bug for rename and rezip actions.
  Version 0.7h - 2004/12/14  
  • Added language 65536 : Korean (mistake in version 0.7g)
  • Corrected a little bug introduced in version 0.7g (sorry).
  Version 0.7g - 2004/12/13  
  • 7 new flags added 19 to 25 (Australia, North Korea, Brazil, South Korea, Eur/Brazil, Eur/USA/Brazil, USA/Brazil).
  • Added a new function for the plugin : getUnknownROMSDir()
  Version 0.7f - 2004/02/14  
  • 3 new flags added 16 UE (USA/Eur), 17 JUE (Jap/USA/Eur), 18 JU (Jap/USA).
  • Added a box for select/unselect all dat in the update section.
  Version 0.7e - 2004/01/28  
  • Fix a bug some flags are missing for the GB dat.
  • Fix a bug for chinese version, a label was partially hided.
  Version 0.7d - 2004/01/22  
  • Fix a bug introduced in version 0.7c : in some case the picture was downloaded in a bad folder.
  Version 0.7c - 2004/01/21  
  • New : now the dat file can tell the name of the screen directory in the <imFolder> field, like that, different dat can share screens.
  • New : now the image can have different size for one dat just put the max size in the dat. (pce screen are correctly showed).
  Version 0.7b - 2003/12/20  
  • Fix small bug : empty value was inserted in some case into search field.
  • User request : save the view options for each dat.
  Version 0.7a - 2003/12/19  
  • Fix install script.
  • Folder "caches" was not created, this is provoque a very slow scan of the roms.
  • The europe field not appear in the search filter.
  • Flag added for other dat file, consult the SDK for more information.
  • SDK v0.5 for the plugins available.
  • Plugins Selector and Extractor updated with the SDK v0.5
  Version 0.7 - 2003/12/14  
  • Multi Dat support.
  • The Dat file explain what OfflineList must show, hide, or let the user configure.
  • The informations showed can be configured.
  • The search field can be configured.
  • New update motor.
  • New option.
  • New feature in the interface.
  • Some bug fixed.
  • And lot of other stuff.
  • SDK : function for plugin to say if it's compatible with the current dat. See the function "isCompatible" in the SDK.
  Version 0.6.3b - 2003/08/25  
  • Bug fix : In some case the option "Use custom location" was not saved.
  • Now after an update OL refresh the picture of the current game.
  Version 0.6.3a - 2003/08/21  
  • Now you can reverse the order of the list (in menu "View" or with F4).
  • New option for update the dat and images at startup.
  • New naming option "%e" for show some comment about the rom.
  • SDK 0.4 : the comment are available for the plugin.
  • And some little change.
  Version 0.6.2a - 2003/08/10  
  • Fixed : the custom location was not saved. 
  Version 0.6.2 - 2003/08/08  
  • A part of the code was re written.
  • New update system.
  • Now the pictures can be updated.
  • New dat format language and location is now a number (see SDK for more information) and there are 2 new crc for the pictures.
  • SDK : the location is a number now, see the SDK for more detail.
  • SDK : the language are available now, see the SDK for more information.
  Version 0.6.1d - 2003/07/09  
  • Stupid bug !! the button "reset list" was disabled, now it's fixed.
  • In some case the location filter don't find any result, now fixed.
  • Again a small bug : when the option are not correctly completed, an error message can appear, now it's fixed.
  • Small bug for the SDK the functions onPopupMenuClick and onPopupMenuMissClick doesn't return the correct selected game, now it's fixed
  Version 0.6.1 - 2003/07/09  
  • New translator needed for this version.
  • New naming option : you can configure how the location must appear ex: 0000 - GameName (J)
  • New naming option : you can show the number of language ex: 0000 - GameName (M3)
  • New naming option : you can configure the format of the game size (Mb, Mo, Ko, octets)
  • New SDK function : addRoms, a plugin can now add some roms to OfflineList (like F9).
  • New SDK function : rename, now OfflineList say the selected language to the plugins.
  • New SDK : now a plugin can add a menu in the PopupMenu for "missing" roms, and for "missing and having" roms.
  • New SDK : The PopupMenu of the plugins are now dynamic.
  • Trimmer, Selector, and Extractor are now in English and French.
  • Option for choose the zip operation priority.
  • You can add roms by drag&drop.
  • Some bug fixe.
  Version 0.6c - 2003/06/02  
  • Little fix when you put the same folder for the roms and the unknown files.
  • Include extractor 1.0a
  • Improve the rename, rezip, and test zip function.
  Version 0.6 - 2003/06/01  
  • Module support, to activate module you need to configure it in the option menu. You can also make your module (see the sdk).
  • Plugin support, to activate plugin you need to configure it in the option menu. You can also make your plugin (see the sdk).
  • Module for reduce the size of the rom is available.
  • Plugin for extract selected rom are available.
  • Plugin for make a selection and extract it are available.
  • Now you can select more than one game at once (it's for the plugin).
  • Now the update use 2 servers to prevent problems.
  • Option added : "recurse sub folder".
  • Graphic news : the roms have a flag on the list to show the location of the game.
  • Option menu are completely new.
  • A lot of small change.
  • Some bugs fix.
  Version 0.5.3 - 2003/04/06  
  • New server (Thanks to StephN666)
  • Now you can choose the temporary directory for zip operations.
  • New option for uncompress rom before launching emulator, so if your favorite emulator doesn't support zip file you can use it now.
  • The search result number is now displayed in the status bar.
  • Some little change, try to find it ;-)
  Version 0.5.2 - 2003/04/02  
  • Now you can have report file of games for all rom, having rom, and missing rom.
  • Now when you make an update of dat file OfflineList rescan rom folder.
  • Some more feedback in renamer option.
  • "Extract and reduce" option make some problem with some rom, so now you can choose how to reduce rom.
    For the moment only "Puzzle Fighter 2" doesn't function after a normal reduce so you need to choose reduce 0xFF for this rom.
  Version 0.5.1 - 2003/04/01  
  • Popup menu in rom list for Extract rom and for Extract+Trim rom.
  • Bug fix when you launch emulator with the "Enter" key.
  • Bug fix for update when your dat file is in read only.
  Version 0.5a - 2003/03/01  
  • Some fix about multilanguage. The new translator is needed !!
  Version 0.5 - 2003/02/27  
  • Major change now you can manage your gba rom.
  • You can launch an emulator.
  Version 0.4 - 2003/02/10  
  • First public version